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1. With pillar candles you get what you pay for.  Don't expect a cheap £2.99 50 hour pillar to perform in the same way as an £8.99 15 hour candle.

2.  Alway trim the wick to 5mm prior to lighting.  If your wick is too long it will produce soot and draw up too much wax from the middle of the candle.

3.  The next bit depends on your personal preferences: 

If you don't want any dripping then blow the candle out as soon as the wax has melted to the edge of the pillar.  This should take approximately 1 hour per inch (2.5cms) on a fair quality candle. When the wax has set, trim the wick again and re-light it if required.

If you don't mind dribbling then burn it as long as you wish but bear in the mind that if the wick starts to smoke then it will need trimming back down to 5mm. 

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Lily-Flame candles are made in Glastonbury, Somerset in the U.K. by Jo and Luc. The range of Lily-Flame candles are one of the few that we have found that match the quality and strength of fragrance that are achieved by Yankee Candles. These incredibly pretty tinned candles will burn cleanly for up to 45Hrs while delivering a strong fragrance through out the burning period. Each tinned Lily-Flame candle is beautifully finished with contrasting coloured chunks of wax placed around the edge of the candle, and for that extra touchy feely quality have an embossed label  with the fragrance name and a wonderfully written description of the fragrance by Jo of  Lily-Flame.

Lily-Flame candles smell great - Hours or perhaps days go into the preparation of our Lily-Flame scents, using the skills of the UK's best perfumers. We have lots of samples made up and whittle them down to the very best using 'blind testing' and burning tests to judge which scent gives the best 'throw' (sending the scent into your room's atmosphere). Sorry- have we spoilt all the mystery and romance for you?

Lily-Flames range also includes a number of aromatherapy candles which are cool, contemporary, unique and fun. Created to add colour and balance to your life. Choose from  Calm, Sensual, Relax, or Vitalise and let Lily-Flames aromatic scents wash away the stresses from a hectic day. Lily-Flames handmade aromatherapy candles use expertly blended 100% pure essential oils. These Lily-Flame candles are designed to achieve maximum effect by using a very low melting point wax, releasing the essential oils into your room's atmosphere.